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“War of Roses” EP!

Comprised of industrial synths & lush orchestra, as well as thunderous drums and live instrumentation from producer & long time friend Matt Salazar, the 4 track EP features 3 vocalists: Krista Marina (Los Angeles), James Cherry (London), Faith Richards (Los Angeles). The avant garde EP combines your favorite elements of film score, with themes of love, lust, and heartache, taking you on a tumultuous cinematic journey. This collection of tracks is serving as a small glimpse of what’s to come. 

"War of Roses" EP

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Contributing the electronic landscape of films like “Girl on a Train”, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Independence Day: Resurgence”, “How It Ends” as well as the HBO Documentary “Cries from Syria”, Jörg pushes the boundaries of what a synthesizer can do against a lush string arrangement.
Born in Ulm, Germany, he started with piano lessons at a young age before electronic music caught his ear at 9. Influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode, he bought his first synthesizer at 15 and has been making cutting-edge music with an electronic flare ever since.

In March 2007, Hans Zimmer encouraged Jörg to move to California and pursue his dream of a career in film music. Since making the leap, Jörg has worked on over 30 films, written numerous cues for TV and trailers, and received a nomination for a News & Documentary Emmy in 2018.
In addition to his work with Hollywood film composers like Hans Zimmer, Atli Örvarsson, Danny Elfman, Martin Tillmann, Harald Kloser, and others, Jörg also continues to design sounds for synthesizer manufacturers like Arturia, Native Instruments, Waldorf and many others, and work on music productions with producers and professionals such as Matt Salazar of In Flight Music Group.
He is versed in dark industrial sounds, calm ambient/downtempo grooves, everything electronica, rock/metal productions, and classical scores for Film & TV. His interest have no musical borders as he creates magic out of his Santa Monica studio.

Since 2016 Jörg is a member of the “Society of Composers and Lyricists”.


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