Sparse Music album SPRS 01108 "Simply Ambient Drama" Ambient soundscapes and expressive atmospheres
Sparse Music released the album “Simply Ambient Drama” with 10 atmospheric and emotional underscore tracks written and composed by Jörg. The album description reads “Ambient soundscapes. Expressive atmospheres as an underscore or emotional impulses.”
This album reveals a very different side of Jörg’s composing possibilities with often fragile and sentimental melodies bedded in floating and ever changing soundscapes.
This is Jörg’s fourth album release with Sparse Music, besides tracks on 5 other albums shared with other composers. Previous Sparse Music releases were used for placements in PBS “Nova” amongst other shows.

The album is available to all Sparse Music clients and international publishing partners now (BMG Production Music in the US).


• after the phonecall
• in solitary
• necessary conversation
• tight embrace
• new worlds
• finding comfort
• climbing mountains
• anticipation
• back in society
• time will tell

Listen to the album here:
BMG Production Music USA

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