10 Phantom Rooms Logo + Kontakt Instruments
Jörg designed presets for 10 Phantom Rooms, a new company founded by longtime industry veteran Tobias Menguser. Tobias teamed up with Film- and Television composer Paul Haslinger and electronic artist Peter Baumann to develop next-generation Kontakt instruments for Film and Media composers.

Jörg designed Kontakt snapshots for all their latest releases, including “Low End Strings”, “Low End Modular”, “Crosstalk Piano”, and an upcoming instrument that is currently under development. All instruments all for the morphing between four instrument layers for endless possibilities.
10 Phantom Rooms Kontakt instrument "Crosstalk Piano" Interface
“Crosstalk Piano” is an upright piano combined with processed multi-samples in a completely new way. It allows shifting layered piano sounds over time with per-layer volume modulations. The instrument is exclusively distributed by Native Instruments.
10 Phantom Rooms Kontakt instrument "Low End Modular" Interface

“Low End Modular” contains sounds of premium vintage and modern modular systems pushed to the brink of their lowest pitches. Explore deep drones, pulsing pads, seismic basses, and special effects, created from over 200 sound sources.

10 Phantom Rooms Kontakt instrument "Low End Strings" Interface

“Low End Strings” contains the lowest playable octaves captured from a real string orchestra, heavily processed through vintage and modern outboard gear. Users can explore super-low hybrid strings, rumbling basses, and deep, modern organic pads.

10 Phantom Rooms is based on the Balearic Islands of Spain.

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