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Hopium "Machina Vision" Prototype

UI Sound Experience for “Hopium Machina Vision” prototype!

Today French car startup Hopium showed their first prototype car “Machina Vision” to the public at the “Mondial de l’Auto” in Paris, France. Jörg developed the built-in UI sound experience together with Mathis Nitschke through Mathis’ company Sofilab.Art. Mathis and Jörg came up with an information driven sound concept that stands out from the standard, purely aesthetic design solutions. Uedelhoven GmbH & Co. KG built this beautiful hydrogen powered sedan on display in Paris .

Additionally Mathis and Jörg also provided a sound installation for Hopium’s booth to fill the white space with atmospheric breadth.

Hopium "Machina Vision" Prototype Front
Hopium “Machina Vision” Prototype Front

Hopium "Machina Vision" Backlights
Hopium “Machina Vision” Backlights
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