Today Jörg’s 4-track EP “War of Roses” was released! This project is a collaboration with producer extraordinaire Matt Salazar and features three super talented singers: Faith Richards, Krista Marina and James Cherry. It started with the premise “lets do something we really enjoy” without any constrictions whether this fits commercial markets or not. The end result is very unique in its own right, obviously with film score influences. The EP was recorded and mixed in the beautiful In Flight Music Studio in Downtown LA with strings and brass recorded in Budapest, and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound. Available on all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, Google Play, etc.
Full Credits:
Faith Richards – vocals/lyrics (“war of roses”, “clouds”)
James Cherry – vocals/lyrics (“six feet under”, “rewind”)
Krista Marina – vocals/lyrics (“clouds”)
Matt Salazar – producer/writer, guitars, bass
Jörg Hüttner – producer/writer, synth programming, orchestra arrangements
Ryan Hoyle – drums
Josh Moran – recording engineer
Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound – mastering engineer
Benjamin Shirley – orchestration
Strings & Brass recorded at Studio 22, Budapest, Hungary by Budapest Scoring

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