Sparse Music album "Simply Ambient Tension"
Sparse Music released the album “Simply Ambient Tension” with 11 tracks written and composed by Jörg. These ambient tracks arouse interest and anticipation, and convey a feeling of light suspense. Their neutral character supports different moods and atmospheres.
“Simply Ambient Tension” is Jörg’s fifth album release with Sparse Music, besides tracks on 5 other albums shared with other composers. Previous Sparse Music releases were used for placements in PBS “Nova” science show amongst other placements.

The album is available to all Sparse Music clients and international publishing partners now (BMG Production Music in the US).


• the awakening
• key insights
• under water
• birds eye view
• frame of reference
• inner journey
• play with thoughts
• life science research
• universe
• full immersion
• new observations

Listen to the album here:
BMG Production Music USA

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