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Groove Synthesis "3rd Wave - Advanced Wavetable Synth"

Groove Synthesis “3rd Wave” hardware synth released!

Jörg contributed sound presets for the new “3rd Wave – Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer” by Groove Synthesis. The unit was just shown at the ‘Synthplex’ music show in Burbank, California and delivered to first customers in the USA. The synthesizer offers

  • 24 voices
  • 3 oscillators per voice
  • analog low pass filter per voice
  • state variable filter
  • 4-part multi-timbrality
  • built in custom wavetable maker

and a powerful crisp sound with easy accessibility to parameters through its large amount of knobs, buttons and the large display. The resemblance in its design to a German wavetable synth from the early 80s doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. The California-based company consists of creatives that were responsible for a lot of other products for Avid and Sequential amongst others.


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