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“War of Roses” EP out now!

Jörg Hüttner released the 4-track EP “War of Roses”. Comprised of industrial synths & lush orchestra, as well as thunderous drums and live instrumentation from producer & long time friend Matt Salazar, the 4 track EP features 3 vocalists: Faith Richards (Los Angeles), James Cherry (London), Krista Marina (Los Angeles). The avant-garde EP combines your favorite elements of film score, with themes of love, lust, and heartache, taking you on a tumultuous cinematic journey. This collection of tracks is serving as a small glimpse of what’s to come. The EP is available on all major streaming and download platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp and others.


Full Credit List:

  • Faith Richards – vocals/lyrics (“war of roses”, “clouds”)
  • James Cherry – vocals/lyrics (“six feet under”, “rewind”)
  • Krista Marina – vocals/lyrics (“clouds”)
  • Matt Salazar – producer/writer, guitars, bass
  • Jörg Hüttner – producer/writer, synth programming, orchestra arrangements
  • Ryan Hoyle – drums
  • Josh Moran – recording engineer
  • Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound – mastering engineer
  • Benjamin Shirley – orchestration
  • Strings & Brass recorded at Studio 22, Budapest, Hungary by Budapest Scoring
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